What can Recrout do for you?

Recrout is more than just a job site. Yes, we match candidates with job openings. That's what we happen to do, and most of the time we do it better then anybody else.

But that's not what Recrout is about. Recrout is about empowering people. We continue to move forward where others stop innovating. We give insight into complex information such as personality traits, motivation and skills of potential employees.

We help you discover the candidates with the right set of soft skills. The things that matter the most to your company, the things that makes people excel and deliver great performance. The things that sets them out to do great things and maybe even change the world. Because resumes don't change the world, people change the world.

We help you predict future job success of a potential candidate. In a simple and convenient manner for you. This way, selecting the best people becomes child's play!

All your candidates presented in a clear way

Why Recrout?

We have been using the same selection techniques since the time of Leonardo da Vinci in 1482. Dragging along paper resumes and portfolio at every interview. Recruiting hasn't really changed since then.

But the world has changed, people have changed and companies have changed. Nobody cares about a piece of paper no more. Companies care about people's personalities, talents and skills, their soft skills.

The things that drives peoples to great success and sets them out to change the world. We help you discover those people!

How do we do it?

At Recrout we develop elegantly designed products on the cutting edge of social science and technology for the benefit of your recruitment process. To match people and companies in the most sustainable way ever.

We use a psychometric system to give insight into talents, motivations, competencies and personality of potential candidates.

We create a "psychological blueprint" of all our candidates to show you the Scientific match between the selected candidate and your job openings and / or cultural profile.

With your own personal dashboard, and the most intuitive user interface you have ever used, selecting the best people for your organization becomes as easy as clicking a few buttons.

View all incoming applicants before accepting them

View candidate's "Personal Branding Page" with all relevant information

What do we do?

Recrout offers (latent) job seekers and employers a rarely simple to use online matching platform where demand and supply of labour meets.

Based on our unique method we match your vacancies and job profiles with available candidates. We recruit these candidates for you, test them on soft skills and ensure that your choice is supported scientifically. With one click we help you discover the best matches.

Candidates are clearly presented and introduced to you with their "personal branding page" An elegantly designed profile that contains all relevant and current information with the hard and soft selection criteria combined.

We offer a clear and comprehensive management report of each candidate, with scientifically based knowledge in preparation for your interview or for the development of the candidate.

You will receive a personal dashboard. This allows you to conveniently manage all your jobs and candidates. And this is all based on pay for performance, you only pay for what you use. Easy right?

Your own piece of recruitment revolution just a mouse click away ...