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Get a head start on your competition by designing a smarter recruitment process. We help you make your recruitment and selection process more (cost) effective, faster and more simple. With better matches as a result.


Easy to use matching and selection technology

We provide innovative SaaS software to help you select the people with the best skills. Objectively and based on data and smart algorithms, without bias or prejudices.

We supply Private Label Cloud Software to empower companies to select the best match of candidates on the basis of competencies, talents, personality traits and cultural fit.


Be prepared for a changing world

Recrout helps employers to automatically filter candidates and streamline the selection process. Moreover, our software, with integrated assessment system, prevents "expensive mismatches".

As from now, wasting an unnecessary amount of time on the pre-selection process is a thing of the past.


Design is fully customized to your corporate identity

Together we discuss the most suitable solution for your organization. We also offer you the possibility to link our software to your own career page.

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