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€ 3,33 p/m
  • Receive insight into 45 talents and competencies!
  • Get personalized match mails
  • Get an additional talent assessment after six months
  • Option to be an anonymous job hunter
  • Personal shareable profile URL
  • Receive up to 12 company requests a month
  • Send up to 12 job applications a month
  • Download a shareable PDF of you profile to share
  • Pimp your profile

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€ 8,33 p/m
  • Full professional talent assessment rapport (+25pages)
  • Unlimited job applications per month
  • Unlimited profile requests from companies
  • All premium features
  • Free access to all new features
  • Personal Recrout matchmaker
  • Exclusive Recrout membership

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* Only with a yearly payment


  • Discover your 5 top talents
  • Match with jobs
  • Send up to three job applications a month
  • Receive up to three company profile requests per month
  • You can not pimp your profile
  • No personal match mails
  • No personal profile URL link
  • No download profile PDF
  • You will not be an anonymous job hunter
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All plans include

  • Free talent assessment
  • Free personal branding page
  • You are in control over who has access to your data
  • Option to temporarily turn of your profile
  • No adds and no other spam!
  • Never look for your resume again, access wherever you are

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