• Hire faster, easier and more efficient
  • All candidates pre-assessed and elegantly displayed
  • Save money on expensive recruiter accounts and mismatches!

The most successful people in the world probably didn't have the best resumes...

  • Help your recruitment team discover the best candidates based on psychological metrics. Faster and more efficient than ever.
  • Simply filter out all applicants who do not poses the right aptitude and attitude
  • Select from more than 1000+ job profiles to help your team create the best match profiles


Discover candidates that can truly add value to your company

  • Match on softskills and filter down on hard skills
  • Quickly find out if a candidate is interested in you to
  • Never waste a lot of time on the selection process again

The most intuitive recruitment and selection software of it's time

  • Elegant design and refreshingly easy to use
  • Revolutionary "click & play" match system
  • Your recruiters have access to their account whenever and wherever they want

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Recrout helps you prepare for the future

Recrout is more than just a job site. Yes, we match candidates with job openings. That's what we happen to do, and most of the time we do it better then anybody else. read more

Why Recrout?

We have been using the same selection techniques since the time of Leonardo da Vinci in 1482. Dragging along paper resumes and portfolio at every interview. Recruiting hasn't really changed since then. read more

How do we do it?

At Recrout we develop elegantly designed products on the cutting edge of social science and technology for the benefit of your recruitment process. To match people and companies in the most sustainable way ever. read more

What do we do?

Recrout offers (latent) job seekers and employers a rarely simple to use online matching platform where demand and supply of labour meets. read more

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