We are Recrout

Recrout is an innovative, Dutch, HR-tech organization founded in 2015. We develop data-driven matching and selection technology.

Our software was developed on the foundation of objectivity and supported by data and smart algorithms.

It all started in 2015 when the idea came up to change the world of recruitment. Too cumbersome, too subjective, too expensive, too labor-intensive, etc.

The matching between people and companies had to change.

What do we stand for?


We were declared crazy and naïve to think that we could get a conservative industry moving.

Four years later we feel honored that we have inspired both small and large organizations to follow our lead and say goodbye to a world that was once purely based on gut feeling and a sheet of paper that we call the resume.

We continue to innovate and deliver impact while our competitors will keep looking at us for inspiration. We firmly believe in creating beautiful products at the interface of Technology and Social Science. With respect for the human touch.

So that people may benefit from it. That is the goal that we strive for, every single day.

What do we believe in?

We believe in empowering people

We believe that people who put their natural talents to work are intrinsically more motivated, productive and successful.

We believe that aspects such as, behavior, talent and competencies determine a person's success within an organization.

We people all have our unique set of qualities that can drive us to excellence and enable us to deliver great performance.

Success is rarely achieved alone

Meet our board of directors

At Recrout we stand for flexibility, innovation and impact and are happy to show that when dealing with our customers and partners. Do not expect our love for lengthy procedures and complex processes, but a love for what we are doing every day: Striving for a positive impact on two of the most important social arenas in our society. Education & Labor Market.