Nice to meet you. We are Recrout.

The people behind Recrout

Karim Akhlal
Founder & CEO

Human Resource professional and lover of innovative ideas. Aiming to put a dent in the Universe.

The day that they stop making Coca Cola is probably the day that I shall cease to exist.

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Roel Obdam
Co-founder en CTO

Software architect and physics lover. Can live on coffee alone for an unknown amount of time.

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Our advising superhero's

Roeland Reinders

Founder EFactor Group Corp

EFactor Group Corp. is the holding company of amongst others, - the world's largest niche social network for Entrepreneurs.

Sven van El

Digital Director VODW

Extensive international, online and mobile experience with diverse client segments in B2B and B2C markets.
Jouko van Aggelenl

Partner at Cubiks

Cubiks applies scientific insights to design and implement high quality assessment and talentmanagement solutions.
Geert-Jan Waasdorp

CEO Intelligence Group

Intelligence Group is a research and data firm specialized in global recruitment intelligence and recruitment marketing.

Our valued partners

What do we stand for?

Each day we ask ourselves the question; Where do we fit in this world? Does the world benefit from our presence? Do we add value to people's life's. We hope we do.

What we do know is this: We set out to change the world of recruitment and job matching and to help you become successful in whatever you decide to do.

Combining social science and technology we want to innovate the world of recruitment, we want to renew it and change it. So that you will benefit. That's our mission and that's what we are working on everyday.

If you would like to help us achieve that goal please get in touch with us!

We are Dutch

We have experienced the terrible and inefficient way the labor market really works and how difficult it is to find the jobs and companies that really fit your personal fit. Because we knew a lot of other people felt the same way, we decided to fix it..

Shoving around resumes, treating people like cattle, recruiters that are only interested in their targets etc. These are matters we all recognize but do not belong into a business like recruitment. It does not belong into an industry of people..

Recruitment is peoples work and people are difficult to understand based on a resume. You need to develop something else to make sure people are empowered to discover the best ways to accelerate and grow. We create the software that empowers people.