Data driven matching and selection technology

At Recrout we develop innovative and user-friendly HR matching and selection technology to help you select the best people. Based on personality and the fit with your organization. Easy to use and the most objective way to hire the best people.

Meet our three distinctive propositions


Are you looking for highly skilled starters and young professionals for your company? Who, in addition to a diploma, also have the right talents and competencies and who fit your specific company culture?

Then our innovative recruitment and matching platform is the ideal solution for you.

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Private label

Are you looking for efficient and user-friendly recruitment software to improve your own internal matching and selection process, reduce turnover and develop your people better?

Then a license on our private label HR software is THE right choice.

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Are you, as an educational institution, concerned about raising the barr for personal guidance of your students, increasing their study success and reducing dropout rates?

Then our software can help you stimulate student development.

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